Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oz Rally '09

Rally partner Fiona and Pedro! He is a 1969 Baja Beetle! Vroom! Austrian Alps

Mine Awareness Trust in Kosovo. Visiting a minefield with De-miner, Flora. Some people thought it was funny that I was wearing thongs. Artur, MAT manager, told me that the best way to de-mine is barefooted. In case of an explosion, a foot trapped in a boot would swell and cause major damage, even possibly causing a below the knee amputation, since, you can not have just a foot prosthetic. There yah go!

I'm currently overlanding from London to Sydney supporting No More Landmines charities, Mine Awareness Trust in Kosovo and Cope in Laos. My blog for the Oz Rally is Will return here after November. HugS!!!!