Friday, February 20, 2009

The World According to...Rica!

Puerto Rico
This is a knock off from Fiona's blog page Wanderlust Magazine interview.

The Passport stamp you are most proudest of?

"The stamp I can't have because of ancient political views."

Which passport stamp would you most like to have?

Again, with politics! Israel and Saudia Arabia, and I really want to go to Bhutan and Borneo.

Where or what is your guilty travel pleasure?

LOL! That's easy. Pampering. Turkish baths, Chinese massage, and of course, having the opportunity to taste food in its native habitat.

More FunStuff...

Where are you at right now?

Rio de Janeiro

Where are you now?
(God willing) Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru

Are you dating anyone?

I don't date. I'm really focus on understanding the world and its inhabitants at the moment. One day I would really want to meet my wonderful husband and have 5 beautiful kids. Honestly, I have met men that would make a perfect husband according to American standards, you know, big house, big car, cash flow, but I don't need all that to be happy at this point in my life. It sures helps, that's what makes the so-called 'American Dream.' But what I really need in life to flourish and stay happy is my freedom. I'm still trying to figure out how to work this out. I guess what I'm looking for is a free spirited foodie like myself that likes and (can) travel and who can bring that extra flavor to the table that I'm gonna want to taste for the rest of my life. -and, a hot bod with green eyes! ;-)

Why do you travel so much?

One day I'll have 5 kids and world trekking might not be this easy. Wait! Is travelling ever easy?
Oh'k, because I am very curious about other cultures and what people eat at home.
Mountains, Desert, or Ocean. Which are you?
Are you reading this blog? Desert! I swear I was a bellydancing hippy gypsy in my previous life. Love the desert, Love camels, Love bedouin/berber camps, Love how remote and full of history some of the deserts I have visited are.
Best childhood travel story.

I grew on a sugarcane marsh in Puerto Rico and we didn't 'travel' much. Probably, because we didn't have to.

Though, I was obsessed with stories about Cristobal Colon and Sir Ernest Shackleton, therefore I knew my ship would sail one day. Maybe is why I joined the Navy, or perhaps because I was always travelling vicariously through my Father's letters when he was stationed overseas. When we were finally stationed in Texas I enjoyed camping in the Hill Country, though it did nothing to ease my extreme culture shock I experienced my first time in Africa. ;')

Our culture is indeed, one of the most flavorful in the world and PR has everything, modern big cities, historical cities, really nice beaches and even nearby pristine island, mountains, countryside, rain forest, one of the liviest nightlife imaginable and some really good food to speak of.

Name the top five countries (well, I need 10)

1. Japan: sushi, udon/ramen noodle soup

2. Brazil: street churrascos, feijao, caipirinhas

3. Spain: tapas! papas aioli, paella, mussels, sangria

4. Vietnam: pho ga, spring rolls, and that fresh local seafood, crabmeat

5. China: peking duck, any dish with aubergine

6. Jordan: (all the Muslim countries) All!

7. Thailand: green chicken curry, green papaya salad, sticky rice w/t mango

8. France: duck confit, crusty breads w/t cheese, French wines

9. Cuba: arroz con habichuelas, chuletas con ajo, mojitos!

10. Tanzania: nyama choma, kuku na chipsi, and all that tropical matunda from the sokos

11. *Puerto Rico: serenata, pasteles, mofongo, sopa de pollo, pernil, TODO!!!

Interesting Travel Story

I teach English in China and my students ask me the weirdest questions all the time? One time a student told me of something he always sees in American tele that caught his attention, and I couldn't figure it out, so he drew me a picture. I couldn't stop laughing, it was a Chinese food take-out box. LOL! The girls always ask me if I know Paris Hilton or Britney Spears and the teenage boys (those that are planning to attend Uni stateside) want to know if people in America are going to laugh at them because they are still virgins. The saddest thing I have ever heard is about a character on the first season of Desperate Housewives (which is very popular in Beijing). Gabby's Chinese housekeeper which on the show she treats very bad. They wonder if American people are going to treat them like that. Of course, we are not. I always do my best to explain things to them. I love teaching in Bejing and Chinese culture, and find it very rewarding. I wish I could live there year round, but it gets so cold after November.

Name something you want to do?

Snowboarding! -and perhaps, go on romantic American style African safari, E. Hemingway style, (no more tiny steamy tents!), make babies!

What next?

Keep reading, it's time to go nighty-night in possibly the worst (and hottest) hostel room ever!

Hugs, //CF