Monday, February 25, 2008

Yes, I'm still in Antigua

Gotta love the food markets.
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Lucy's World

Lucy in Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and Morocco!
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Tanzania: Stonetown and Zanzibar

Stonetown Spice Market and Zanzibar's beaches. click to enlarge
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Guatemala: Beautiful Antigua

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Morocco: Desert Trek

On our way to the Berber Camp, I LUV Camels!

And, Lucy Luvs photograhy

On our way to Ouarzazate

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Morocco: The Stunning Scenery

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More Morocco! The Berber Camp

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Morocco: More photos

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Exotic Samarkand

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Food: Uzbekistan

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Friday, February 15, 2008


If you are in Cartagena, EAT HERE. Actually, all over Colombia, the food was really good. They can duplicate, anything. These savoury crepes were better than anything else I have ever tasted, and I don't even like them. Silly, huh? I ate steak and salad, Chinese, English sausages, really nice breakfast foods, fresh juices; all delicious. In Latin America, 'foreign' foods are just that, but Colombia shines. Normally, it is rice, beans, plantains, and protein, but this is delicious, too. I'm PR, though! Also, nobody here orders cocktails, they serve bottles of rum.
Somebody kidnap me, please! Just joking, but there were these hot young guys keeping the streets safe everywhere. I think camis and a big gun would suffice, but some even had on full battle gear, and it was so hot. Beirut was the same but they also had cool armored cars in every corner. (and then the UN was bombed, and I realized it wasn't just for my pleasure). I didn't dare take any photos.

Cartagena: This beautiful Latin port city is Hot,Hot,Hot!

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Give me more Morocco!

Marrakesh & Fez
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Beautiful People: Nepal

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Beautiful People: India

Indians are one of the world's most beautiful people. Their eyes are so exotic. Parents even line their children's eyes with kohl to protect them. The children and their families at this Peharsar village were so exited to meet us, and so were we. They are eager to pose for photos, because they get really excited when they see themselves on the digital screen, especially the children. They squeal and clap their hands with excitement. It is awesome to make them happy. I love this photo because everyone in it looks so happy. I will mail it to them when I get home.

Peharsar Village (Click to enlarge)