Friday, February 09, 2007

"I'm Back but not for Good!"

Silly at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

I’m not quite back home just yet, but I’m in the United States of America, Northern California! ( Had to be there I guess, or shall I say Vic Falls, LOL!!!!) It feels so good to be here!

I’m in the process of moving this site to a proper one as I have plenty of videos I would like to post, but you can’t do that here.

Hong Kong was awesome! It was a huge welcoming change from SE Asia, and believe me the whole 3rd world country bit was starting to take a toll me.

I’ll write more later about my experiences, but everyone has the same questions, so I decided to post the answers on here.

Where did you go? read Travel Dossier

What was your favourite place? Here is my Ultimate Top Ten! (no particular order, of course.)

1. Namibia Desert- B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!

2. Okavango Delta, Botswana- “truly a once in a lifetime experience.”

3. Beaches- Zanzibar, Dead Sea, Nha Trang, etc.

4. People- Everywhere I went people took such good care of me (even the French) and especially the Egyptians, Turks and Chinese.

5. Food!- After discovering SE Asian cuisine, I couldn’t get enough!

6. Local Markets- A nice way to connect with the locals and to experience a world without Neiman Marcus, even though I did go absolutely mad posh shopping in Dubai. "It was Christmas!!!"

7. Thailand- Bangkok was one of my ultimate favourite cities, and the Thai islands were a total blast because Heidi came to visit me. She is the funniest person I have ever met!

8. Adrenaline Sports and Must-See sites- Skydiving, sandboarding and quad biking in the Namibian desert, hot air ballooning in Capadochia, abseiling in Zambia, white-water rafting the Zambezi, camel riding in Petra, Wadi Rum, floating in the Dead Sea, Vic Falls, diving the Red Sea, etc. Every SINGLE day was non-stop.

9. Pampering- Turkish Baths, Mud Baths, and Asian Massage. Ooh La-La!

10. Middle East- Don't believe the media hype. The Middle East is a stunning place full of interesting history and friendly gracious hosts. As a matter of fact, most often my money was no good. I really miss the prayer calls (can be quite soothing) and the Turkish breakfasts.

11. One more! Music and DVD shopping in Asia. Average price: 1 USD.


1. Camping- but only because the A/C or as some might say, Air Con, was MIA. I don’t enjoy undesirable weather.

2. Packing- “Fab-Fatty and I are a traveling duo!”

3. Taxi Drivers- Blessed with the gift of gab -in any language!

What did you bring me? Probably a T-shirt. //CF

Thursday, January 25, 2007

"How time flies when you are having fun!"

What? "You think this has been easy?"
-Sofitel Hotel, Alexandria, Egypt


Still going full throttle, Baby! Viet Nam today, Cambodia tomorrow, Hong Kong thereafter, and then on to the 'good 'ole USA!'. Early mornings and late nights meant keeping a blog on the road next to impossible. As you already may know, good things require tender loving care and Yes, it has been a long time coming. Hope everyone enjoyed a joyous holiday season and LIVE it up in 2007! //CF